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St Marnock's National School, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

Online Payments

There are two steps to follow to make an online payment:

  1. Register with DataBiz Solutions to receive a password 
  2. Log in and make your payment(s) using a credit or debit card.

To register with the DataBiz Solutions platform:

  • Follow the link ( to visit the DataBiz Solutions website.
  • Click on the 'DataBiz Apps' link at the top of your screen.
  • When presented with the login form, click the 'Sign Up' option.
  • Enter your email address (i.e. the email address that received this message) and mobile number in the pop-up screen and click 'Send Request'.
  • Open your email inbox and, after a few moments, you should receive an email with your new password (If the email is not in your inbox please check your Junk/Spam folder).

To log in and make a payment:

  • Return to the login page and enter your email address and the new password that you have just received in your email and click 'Log In'*
  • Click on the Payments Fee link provided in the 'Notifications' panel, or click on the 'Payments' icon.
  • Select the Fee you wish to pay.
  • Click on the 'Pay Now' button at the bottom of the screen, and submit your credit card details via the popup that appears. 

*Note that you can change your provided password to something more memorable via the 'User' tab at the top of your screen, once you have successfully logged in.