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St Marnock's National School, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

ARC Aquaculture Remote Classroom Webinar

12th Jan 2023

Well done to the 6th classes who took part in the ARC Aquaculture Remote Classroom Webinar. 


This Webinar explored Aquaculture and the sustainability of seafood farming. It described the healthy relationship Ireland has with Salmon farms for example and discussed how Ireland can embrace this sustainable way of growing food. 

It explored the nutrients supplied by different types of Sea food. The classes learned about how Atlantic Salmon, Muscles and Oysters are farmed off the coast of Ireland. They discovered how only 2% of the Earths Oceans are used for Aquaculture. 


This was a brilliant webinar for our classes as they are lucky enough to live so close to the Sea. 


Thank you to ARC for supplying an interactive quiz at the end of the Webinar exploring sustainability with the class.